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1. A formal request. Generally, one must fill out an application form as part of the application process.

2. See: Application Program.


Shorthand for appreciation.
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The AD1 also had noticed something wasn't right: engine oil wasn't cycling through the engine-oil sight-gauge.
We have to ensure that our personnel know how to store each of these HAZMAT products safely," said AD1 Rick Poland, Helicopter Squadron Light (HSL) HAZMAT coordinator.
AD1 spokesman said: "We will hold discussions with anyone who has a legitimate concern over biofuels provided they stay within the law.
Eric Humphreys, AW1 Jim Peters and AD1 Shawn Robertson flew HSL-60's maiden flight, at NS Mayport, Fla.
Gary White, patrol-plane pilots; AE1 Brian Bashant and AD1 Diana Fiordiliso, flight engineers; and AW2 Phillip Hutchens, acoustic-systems operator.
The selected technology also needed to support searching and analyzing Microsoft SharePoint data, network file shares and all common forensic image formats including dd, EnCase E01 and L01 and Access Data AD1.
AD1 Derek Barton noticed that the aircraft was about to launch toward a flock of seagulls approaching the bow.
AD1 Alfredo Naferrete drops a portion of an American flag into a burn barrel during a flag retirement ceremony.
Winifred Quick Collins (female officer); and AD1 Renee L.
With MPE+ Investigator, users can import AD1 files collected with MPE+ and review, carve, export or print the collected data.