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1. A formal request. Generally, one must fill out an application form as part of the application process.

2. See: Application Program.
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Shorthand for appreciation.
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The radical scavenging strength of the compounds is in the order ascorbic acid > 8,9-dihydroxy-7-(2-hydroxy-ethyl)-9,9a-hexahydro-1H,3H-2-thia-5a-azacyclopenta[b]anthracen-6-one (AD4) > quercetin > 8-hydroxytetradecahydro-chrysene-1-carbaldehyde (AD3) > 2-methyl-octahydroindene-4-carboxylic acid (AD2) > 6-methyldecahydro-1H-phenanthren-9-one (AD1) with the [IC.sub.50] (Table 5).
Regarding the fertilization, the AD3 treatments (50% of the conventional mineral fertilization--factor 0.50, Figure 1E) resulted in the highest yield (15.71 t.[ha.sup.-1]) with irrigations of 75% of the Kc, and the minimum yield would be 3.89 t.[ha.sup.-1] for irrigations with 142% of the Kc, yield that would be achieved with 139% and 165% of the Kc for the treatments AD1 and AD2 (Figure 3C and 3D, respectively).
basalis was able to develop and reproduce when fed artificial diets AD1 and AD3.
Time deposits at deposit money banks witnessed a slight decline of 0.1%, as they reached AD1,763.8bn in 2007, down from AD1,766.2bn a year before.
The purely additive model (ADO) and the partial dominance model (AD1) give a very similar yield advance.
In spite of all the external conditions working against him, such as the bottom of the rudder towering 18 feet over his head, the operating auxiliary-power unit (APU), and wearing a double-ear David Clark headset, AD1 Burcham heard faint popping sounds he had not heard during his original preflight inspection.
Because most of the tap water exposures to TCAA were lower than expected in this pilot study, only three participants (AD1, AD2, AD6) provided results that were useful for estimation of TCAA urinary elimination half-life ([t.sub.1/2]).
David Braund's article, `Portrait of Britain: AD1' (January) looked at, among other things, the social environment of Britain, and yet nowhere was there any mention as to who the inhabitants were.
To attract more of these travelers--primarily Generation Xexs, Baby Boomers and residents of the Western U.S.-Alaska plans to develop and distribute targeted information on ad1 venture activities.
GDP: AD1.5trn; ($58bn) GDP per capita: $2,090 Population: 28m GDP growth: 3% (1993); 4.6% (1994) Inflation: 30% (1993); 25% (1994)
"This is an excellent hotel located adjacent to Disney's Animal Kingdom," said AD1 Global President Daniel Berman.