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1. See: Activity.

2. In insurance, any deed, especially one that foregoes the possibility of coverage. For example, life insurance policies rarely extend coverage if the policyholder commits suicide. In this case, the suicide is called an act.
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The scientists edited this ACTG1 mutation into a line of mice using cutting-edge CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing technology, and found that it had severe effects on the function of actin.
analyzed 9 PCNSLs and identified recurrent somatic mutations in 37 genes involved in key biological processes, including transcription ( ETV6, IRF2BP2, EBF1, IRF4, and TBL1XR1 ), cell cycle ( PIM1, BTG1 ), nucleosome assembly ( HIST1H1D, HIST1H2AC ), and cell adhesion ( MUC16, ACTG1 ), as well as NF-?B and B-cell or T-cell receptor signaling pathways.[sup][54] Whether PCNSL initially arises inside or outside of the CNS has been a mystery for decades and still confuses us today, the latest discovery from Kazutaka et al.
Considering together the three studied groups, three genes were identified by microarray data as demonstrating the best housekeeping expression patterns: ACTG1 (Hs03044422_g1), RPL7A (Hs00605223_g1), and GAPDH (Hs02758991_g1).