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But whether their audience is a Kodak crowd, high school students or 6,000 choral directors at the ACDA, the Northridge Singers are expected to treat the experience with professionalism.
40) Memorandum from the Director of ACDA (Foster) to the Committee of Principals, "Arms Control on the Seabed," April 12, 1968, FRUS 1964-68, Vol.
Additionally, the ACDA data distinguish between estimates of the value of items actually delivered during a particular year and those for the value of agreements that may result in the transfer of arms sometime in the future.
national security Here, he proposes an increased role and budget for the ACDA.
contractor wishing to sell it), and that is followed by an interagency review process in which Defense, State, Commerce, ACDA, Energy, the intelligence community, and possibly the National Security Council can play significant roles.
Smith, Arms Control Negotiator, for background on ACDA and the SALT I negotiations, and James A.
Figures are approximations and do not add up exactly Source: ACDA (1995)
I asked ACDA spokesman Matthew Murphy three questions concerning the measurement dispute: What is the "critical measurement"?
The nonnuclear weapons states want the nuclear weapons states to get rid of their weapons," said the ACDA official when asked about the administration's policy on disarmament.
In the Music Makers section, Hilary Apfelstadt shares informative approaches from a workshop she attended at the ACDA conference on Choral Music of the Americas (2013).
Director General ACDA (Strategic Plans Division) Khalid Banuri presented contours on nuclear politics in South Asia and explained the uses of nuclear technology for both military and peaceful uses.
Olsen is a member of NATS, National Association of Teachers of Singing; an elite professional group of teachers of voice whose mission is to encourage the highest standards of the vocal art and of ethical principles in the teaching of singing, ACDA, American Choral Directors Association, NAfME, National Association of Music Educators, and the NJMEA.