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1. To trade a security without driving the market price in any direction. That is, a security is said to absorb transactions when they do not cause the price to go up or down.

2. To refrain from passing on a cost to customers. For example, a business absorbs a cost when it must pay an additional $1 per unit in taxes but does not raise a unit's retail price by any amount.


To offset sell orders or a new security offering with buy orders.
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The Absorb GT1 BVS is manufactured by Abbott Vascular in Santa Clara, California.
The ABSORB EXTEND trial is a large-scale, single-arm study that will evaluate Absorb in patients at up to 100 centers in Europe, Asia Pacific, Canada and Latin America.
The company said Absorb GT1 ( GlideTrack catheter) is most advanced Absorb stent delivery system, which is designed to make it easier for doctors to access and treat diseased vessels in people with coronary artery disease (CAD).
The ABSORB III test (n=2000) will assess the prospective benefits of the device in people suffering from coronary artery disease in the U.
Use this equation to calculate the number of trees needed to absorb the carbon dioxide released each year from the use of certain appliances: (kilograms of carbon dioxide released) / (11 kilograms of carbon dioxide absorbed per tree) = number of trees.
So, when ice melts and albedo takes a nosedive, the upper layers of the ocean absorb more sunlight, and sea-surface temperatures rise.
However, lasers need "line-of-sight" access to areas being cleaned, and the color and chemistry of contaminants can affect their ability to absorb energy.
The gel can absorb up to 600 times its weight in water and rapidly biodegrades.
Two energy-absorbing polyurethane foam systems from Miles' Polymers Division were critical to the deploying door trim, allowing it to help absorb side impact forces, thereby reducing the forces on vehicle occupants.
Absorbing materials are normally used in enclosures around equipment, but they also are used to absorb acoustic energy from nearby sources.
Zanette has planned to develop one condominium per year for the next five years, based on what he believes the market can absorb.