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Asset-Backed Security

A debt security collateralized by some receivables on some credit sale. Common examples of this collateral include receivables on credit cards, automotive loans, and similar assets. Returns on these securities come from customers' payments on their credit cards and other loans that may be backing the securities. Banks and companies package and sell their receivables to investors in order to reduce the risk of loan defaults. See also: Mortgage-backed security.

Automated Bond System

An electronic system on the New York Stock Exchange giving bid and ask quotes for inactive bonds. This allows investors, especially the cabinet crowd, to easily monitor the prices of bonds that are not frequently traded.
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Buys and sells commodity and engineering-grade regrind of PE, PP, HIPS, PET, PVC, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, nylon, PEI, and PMMA.
The entire line of ABS solutions support flexible data interchange, backup, archival and migration of data with one of the market's lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).
Expandex tetrazoles for high-melting thermoplastics such as PC, nylon, thermoplastic polyesters (PET, PBT), ABS alloys, PPE/PPO alloys, PPS, and polysulfone; Expandex 5-PT has a foaming range of 464 F and higher.
Concentrates for various resins include FCX 27301 for PP, PE, acetal, and nylons 11 and 12; FCX 27310 for nylon 6, 66 and 612, PBT, and PET; FCX 27312 for PC and its alloys; and FCX 27314 for PS, ABS, and SAN.
Finaprene styrenic block copolymers improve impact strength, elongation, and flexibility of PS, polyolefins, and ABS.
Reprocessors and automotive OEMs are paying new attention to heavily mixed plastic scrap, especially if it contains costly engineering resins like ABS, polycarbonate, acrylic or nylon.