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In 1989, Bob Gieselman, then Executive Director, recommended that ABC issue a white paper about standards for business communication faculty and classes.
I would recommend that this group simultaneously address the ABC issue because there is some overlap.
Example 1) Entity ABC issues 1,000 ordinary shares of its CU20 par value each share.
Example 2) Entity ABC issues two types of shares: 2,000 ordinary shares with no par value but, instead, with a stated value of CU1 and 600 redeemable preference shares at CU10 par value.
Example 3) Entity ABC issues at 01/04/2012 a number of 1,000 mandatory redeemable preference shares at par of CU50 per share with a 7 per cent fixed dividend on the par value payable annually (assume that 7 per cent is the market rate of interest for this type of instrument).
ABC issues a general liability insurance policy for policy year 1.
According to an ABC issues paper, "ABC craft training programs, while less formal than registered apprenticeship programs, are no less rigorous and demanding of high standards of performance.
After analyzing the submitted data and after conducting an audit, the ABC issues its formal audit report showing the average audited paid circulation for a 12-month period.
Bank ABC issues a debt instrument with an original face value of $200,000 and a maturity of 10 years.
The ABC issues licenses only to specific identified legal entities or parties, such as corporations, partnerships and individuals.
Even Councilwoman Jill Klajic, who said Wednesday she would prefer to see the whole city alcohol-free, said the 99 -cents store has the legal right to sell beer and wine if the ABC issues a permit.