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Caption: Sukhoi Su-30SM fighters of the Russian Air Force's contingent in Syria carry medium range R-27R and short-range R-73 AAMs [c]
Rationalisation within the industry means that Raytheon's missile systems business is now responsible for all AAM production in the US.
Developed clandestinely with South Africa, it shares a common development history with that country's Denel R-Darter BVR AAM. Although it has not entered Israeli service, the Derby reportedly entered low-rate initial production in July 1998.
The face recognition methods mostly use the AAM for feature extraction and recognition process, which has weaknesses in the optimization process [20].
The proposed recognition technique utilizes AAM for extracting the shape and appearance features from the database images.
The fitting process in AAM modeling can be optimized by several existing optimization algorithms.
Rare case reports describe AAM infiltrating the bladder, bowel, and even bone.
There is no specific immunohistochemical marker for AAM, but the tumor does exhibit a characteristic pattern of reactivity.
The differential diagnosis of AAM includes angiomyofibroblastoma, superficial angiomyxoma, fibroepithelial stromal polyps, myxoid lipomatous tumors, and myxoid leiomyoma.
We conducted this study to determine the role of AAMs as causative agents of pneumonia in patients in an ICU.
In 18 patients (8.6%), the role of AAMs were well documented.
Both male genital AMFB and AAM share many clinical and pathologic features comparable to those described in their female counterparts.