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Nonvoting Stock

Stock in a publicly-traded company that does not give the holder the right to vote at the company's annual meeting. Nonvoting stock usually has other rights associated with it to compensate for the lack of ability to vote. For example, most preferred stock is nonvoting, but preferred stock has a guaranteed dividend, while most voting stock does not.
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non-voting shares


‘A’ shares

ORDINARY SHARES which do not have any voting rights at a company's ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Non-voting shares often arose because company founders or directors sought to raise new share capital without diluting their control, by issuing large numbers of nonvoting shares but retaining control of the original voting shares. Holders of voting shares have an advantage in company takeovers or disputes about company policy and so may have a higher market value than non-voting shares. Most STOCK MARKETS discourage companies from issuing new non-voting shares.
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But our former description of a citizen will admit of correction; for in some governments the office of a juryman and a member of the general assembly is not an indeterminate one; but there are particular persons appointed for these purposes, some or all of the citizens being appointed jurymen or members of the general assembly, and this either for all causes and all public business whatsoever, or else for some particular one: and this may be sufficient to show what a citizen is; for he who has a right to a share in the judicial and executive part of government in any city, him we call a citizen of that place; and a city, in one word, is a collective body of such persons sufficient in themselves to all the purposes of life.
The aggregate consideration to be paid to the T shareholders consists of a set number of A shares and a specified amount of cash, both of which are determined as of the definitive agreement date, are fixed and represent a total pool of consideration of equal stock/cash value (50% A stock and 50% cash).
Example 3: The facts are the same as in Example 1, except that, instead of exchanging T NQSOs for A shares on the acquisition date, the T NQSOs remain in effect.
B made a cash tender offer for A's shares and sufficient A shares had been tendered before the donation for the merger to be approved.