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An inspection of IRS 990 forms that nonprofits are required to file annually and of literature examining such groups shows a significant number have been founded in recent years, and that they depend upon donations from foundations or from wealthy individual Catholics.
For-profit and government-owned hospitals are not required to file 990 forms with the IRS and weren't included on the list.
Although HAR-CO does not compensate its board members, the other five state chartered Maryland credit unions insured by the NCUA do pay their board members, according to their IRS 990 forms.
We use data from the 990 forms for the 2012 fiscal year, on which colleges are required to report salary information for the 2012 calendar year.
LSA conducted a survey of its members' publicly available 990 forms and compiled the data for The Chronicle.
The probe by the pro-Palestinian publication into Mr Halvorssen is said to have relied on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 990 forms filed by HRF, which included previously undisclosed information about its donors.
This is in accord with SCNA policy that before the IRS 990 Forms are mailed they must be seen and reviewed by the SCNA Board of Directors.
Internal Revenue Service 990 forms detail revenue and expenses listed by tax-exempt organizations, commonly known as 501(c) groups, named for section in the tax code.
The letter says the league must provide a reviewed financial statement, various PC and 990 forms and applicable filing fees, for 2005, 2006 and 2007.
If you don't fancy marching down to a nonprofit's office to ask for its Form 990 - or if the group you are interested in isn't located nearby - you can find many nonprofits' 990 forms online through third party sites.
WILPF's 2006 audit and IRS 990 forms are available in PDF form online at our website, www.
Analyzing the 990 forms and other data, Charity Navigator produces several numerical ratings of how responsibly and efficiently the charity uses its donations.