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affiliated [section] 527 group, (43) they were, until recently, required
Special Operations for America is registered as a 527 group, meaning it can accept unlimited amounts of money from contributors.
Americans for Rick Perry is an independent 527 group and by law can't be affiliated with a Perry presidential campaign.
Ellen Miller, cofounder of the Sunlight Foundation, points out that American Solutions is constituted as a 527 group, and the "only reason to have a 527 is to have a potential political springboard.
Swift-boating: During Senator John Kerry's bid to unseat President Bush in 2004, a 527 group (see 527s) called Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ran ads trying to discredit Kerry's Vietnam War record.
But the law has gaps, as the so-called 527 group of tax-exempt organizations can donate millions.
During the 2004 presidential race, Fox donated $50,000 to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a 527 group that tried to discredit Senator John Kerry's military service in Vietnam.
Former state House Co-Speaker Richard Morgan, a Republican whose district include affluent Pinehurst, has filed an election complaint against a 527 group financed by former state Rep.
Citizens for Better Medicare, also a 527 group (and an arm of the pharmaceutical lobby), spent $65 million on television, radio and newspaper ads in the same cycle.
154) See Cheryl Bolen, Senate Passes McCain Amendment to Require Section 527 Group Disclosure, 343 Money & Pol.
During the campaign, Thrasher was attacked in ads paid for by the 527 group "Stop Tax Waste.
Unity08 itself, by the way, is set up as a 527 group that can get as much big money as anyone cares to give it.