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70 on 2/27 after the last report and fell to 52-week lows of $11.
On a generally mixed day for the newspaper sector, two other companies also scraped new 52-week lows.
But that may be changing, and it's probably no coincidence that the NASDAQ was hitting 52-week lows in late November.
com pink-slipped a third of its workforce and Medscape and Healtheon/WebMD stock traded at 52-week lows.
The number of shares at new 52-week lows on the NYSE rose to 1,200 near the end of last year.
Four newspaper companies hit new 52-week lows Thursday as the industry's stock slump generally outpaced even the Dow Jones Industrial Average sell-off of more than 3%.
Vote of confidence in Lending Club as shares probe 52-week lows.
Three companies hit new 52-week lows, and Lee Enterprises (NYSE: LEE) closed at its previous 52-week bottom of $7.