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In the boys competitions, Bangladesh overpowered Nepal 4118, while Afghanistan whipped Maldives 4922.
As per results, on second day in men matches, Afghanistan defeated Maldives by 4922 goals and Bangladesh won match against Nepal with 4118 hits.
Of the 10,141 known cases in eight countries, 4922 victims have died and experts fear the true death toll may be as much as three times higher.
He said motorway police briefed 4922 people about traffic rules and regulations.
Anyone interested should call 0044 800 917 4922, email info@mcindoesurgical.
To find out more, call 024 7683 4970 or 024 7683 4922 or visit the team on the fourth floor of Coventry Point, opposite Burger King, in Market Way.
Two MG IV soybean cultivars were evaluated: Asgrow 4922 (A4922), an indeterminate cultivar; and Manokin, a determinate cultivar.
According to the data, 4922 motorists were fined for using mobile phone during driving, 11336 motorcyclists for not using helmet, 5662 motorists for not using seat belts, 766 for driving vehicles without licenses, 753 vehicles fined for having tinted glasses, 4871 for violation of signals, 2378 for parking vehicles in no parking areas, 8380 for careless driving, 1357 vehicles fined for being driven without registration plates, 4623 for neglecting other rights on roads, 1553 for driving vehicles without permit, 3126 for route violation, 951 for using pressure horns, 2860 for taking wrong turn and 3380 for lane violation.
People can comment by visiting the libraries, calling 0121 569 4922, writing to Tony Piorowski at Central Library, High Street, West Bromwich or emailing tony.
Tour operators include Anatolian Sky 0870 850 4040, Jewels Of The World 020 8518 9730 and CTA 020 7839 4922.
376 drivers for creating hurdles in smooth flow of traffic, 4922 for violating lane/line, 18963 on violation of zebra crossing were issued challan tickets, he said adding, 641 on wrong parking while 2797 vehicles were fined for wrong side driving.
4922, pending in the Chancery Court of Delaware (which action consolidates three individual suits: Hollinger v.