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The discussion then turns to the 401k and 403b plan. The Smiths ask who should be the primary and contingent beneficiaries for the plans.
For most educators, that means contributing to the 403B plan offered through your employer.
Unless purchased through a 403b plan, annuities have no tax benefit for the initial income invested.
Employers may offer additional matching funds into 401k or 403b plans, also with contribution limits dictated by the IRS.
Those with fiduciary duty include trustees of pension and profit sharing, 401k, and 403b plans. Don't confuse fiduciary liability insurance with employee benefits liability, which is often provided by endorsement to the general liability policy.
Rollovers of Traditional IRAs to Tax-Sheltered Annuities (Section 403b Plans)
Most of the risk management and insurance issues facing charter schools are the same that traditional public schools face: risk assessment, teacher screening, liability insurance for Parent Teacher Organizations, medical and benefits insurance, design of 403B plans and premises security.