computer-aided design

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computer-aided design (CAD)

the use of COMPUTERS in the DESIGN of new components or products and in the re-design of existing products. Unlike hand drawings, CAD design specifications can be shown on a visual display unit and redrawn to produce different versions of the components or product. CAD can also be linked to computer-aided process planning (CAPP) to determine the best methods by which to manufacture a product. Moreover, a component or product can be subjected to various tests of strength, performance, etc. using computer-aided engineering (CAE) software without having to build prototypes; thus changes in product design can be made quickly and cheaply (see NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT). CAD is particularly useful in designing and classifying components and products used in GROUP TECHNOLOGY production and in FLEXIBLE MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS. See COMPUTER-AIDED MANUFACTURING.

computer-aided design (CAD)

The use of computer software to assist in performing standard architectural and engineering design services. Products range from the most basic shareware home design and landscaping software to sophisticated systems with three-dimensional flyover and walk-through capabilities,project budgeting,and timeline creation.

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As previously emphasized, the first step to develop the mobile robot dynamic model is creating of their 3D CAD model.
3D CAD solution providers are continuously acquiring specific design software solution providers to enhance their offerings and increase their user base.
The 3D CAD mandible of the patient is shown in the Figure 3 below ([4]).
" Available for 1,000 [pounds sterling] until the end of this year, VR4CAD is able to import and display 3D CAD models quickly and simply.
By allowing companies to use existing 3D assets from PTC's Creo 3D CAD software, in addition to other popular 3D modeling tools, Vuforia Studio democratizes augmented reality in the enterprise.
Technavio's report, Global 3D CAD Market 2015-2019, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
Fujitsu will widely offer PLEMIA Concurrent Manager to small and medium-sized companies that increasingly use 3D CAD data for design, and is committed to supporting manufacturing innovation among its customers in the manufacturing sector.
The complete WDS catalogue features over 15,000 standard parts for machine build and work holding products and is accessible online where customers can place orders and download fully annotated 3D files of standard parts--including the full range of ball transfer units to suit most currently supported 3D CAD packages.
In order to find the best strategy to take full advantage of design knowledge and 3D CAD systems, we analyze the characteristics of the current design process, and attempt to develop a design knowledge and process management system based on SINOVATION which is a general 3D CAD system in China.
To enhance the effectiveness of visual KM applied in construction projects, this study develops a Construction BIM-based Knowledge Management (CBIMKM) system in the 3D CAD (Computer-aided Design) environment enabling engineers to share and reuse their knowledge and experience during the construction phase of a project.
24 -- Triad Software a leading engineering & software development company will showcase its multi-format 3D CAD viewer Engineering Expo 2012 Exhibition being held at Pune Auto Cluster Exhibition Centre from Nov 02-05, 2012.
3D CAD models are available to download, free of charge, directly from the company website;