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The company added that the bond is comprised of USD500m ten year bonds and USD700m 30 year bonds maturing on 15 June 2026 and 15 June 2046, respectively.
China-based Sinochem Group Corp is planning to price around USD2bn in 10 and 30 year bonds, Dow Jones has reported, citing a source familiar with the deal.
5bn 10 year and USD500m to USD750m 30 year bonds with a combined cap of USD2bn on the Reg-S/144A issue.
Temasek Holdings Pte Limited, the Singapore government-owned investment company, has said that it will raise a combined SGD600m from 20 and 30 year bonds, Dow Jones has reported citing a term sheet.
In addition, the company has issued USD700m in 30 year bonds at a yield of 30-year Treasuries plus 1.