Section 1031

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Section 1031

A section of the Internal Revenue Code that allows for the deferral of capital gains taxes on the exchange of two assets, of like kind even if of different quality, provided that the assets are used for a business purpose. Under Section 1031, the goods exchanged are not assessed capital gains taxes, or more properly, capital gains taxes are deferred until an asset is resold with no intention of reinvestment. Section 1031 also allows one to sell an asset with the intention to use the proceeds to buy a similar asset. For example, if a farmer sells his farm and uses the money to buy another farm, capital gains taxes are likely deferred on the money he made on the sale of the first farm. The same would be true if the he traded a farm for a farm. Stocks and bonds are expressly excluded from this preferential treatment.
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Section 1031 (26 U.S.C.§1031)

The Internal Revenue Code section that addresses tax-deferred exchanges, also called like-kind exchanges. See 1031 exchange. To find the law's text, see the instructions at Section (federal code).

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