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In the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner was informed that more that 2520 sites including different bazaars and markets were checked by price magistrates in month of June.
Qatar is ranked third in the standings with 2520 points.
He informed that the seized drugs comprised 1826 kg Hashish, 40 kg Opium, 5.5 kg Amphetamine, 5.5 kg Heroin, 200 grams Cocaine and 2520 liters Acetic Anhydride.
ANF Quetta seized mega cache of drugs comprising 1792 kg Hashish, 2520 liters Acetic Anhydride and 40 kg Opium in five separate intelligence based operations conducted at Qilla Abdullah, Panjgur, Kech and Quetta.
In yet another intelligence based operation, ANF Quetta seized an unattended Zamyad Iranian Single Cabin in mountainous area of Grog Nullah near Turbat City, District Kech and recovered 2520 liters Acetic Anhydride from the it.
Bosch Packaging Technology s new SVE 2520 DZ is said to be the fastest vertical bagger with Doy Zip features currently on the market.
2520 the law during this session of Congress, though.
So how does Microsoft's third generation of tablet fares with Nokia Lumia 2520?
Washington, Apr 18 ( ANI ): Nokia has suspended sale of their tablet Lumia 2520, fearing an electric shock, after finding 3000-affected products.
Nokia has today suspended the sale of its Lumia 2520 tablet in Europe, over fears that the charger could give users an electric shock, according to online reports.
Stalking is worth PS105million a year to the Scottish economy and employs 2520. Visitors to Braemar and Ballater are bowled over by the sight of proud red deer stags.
The Nokia Lumia 2520 has a high resolution, full HD display with the best outdoor readability so you can use it anywhere under the sun.