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222Rn (Radon-222 or radon), a known carcinogen, is a naturally occurring radionuclide and Idaho is one of the states that has a relatively high concentration of 222Rn in groundwater.
Spatial correlation between radon (222Rn) in groundwater and bedrock uranium (238U): GIS and geostatistical analyses.
Considering the appropiate correction for laboratory background, the activity of [sup.137]Cs was determined from the 661 KeV peak, [sup.210]Pb from the 46.5 KeV one, and [sup.226]Ra was evaluated from the 352 and 611 KeV peaks of 214Pb and 214Bi, daughter products of the 222Rn in equilibrium with the [sup.226]Ra (Wallbrink et al., 2002).