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1. In bonds, 0.0625% of one point. This is used when quoting bond prices. For example, a bond may have the price of 95 3/16 points, meaning that the bond is selling for 95.1875% of its par value.

2. In stocks, 0.0625% of one dollar. This format was used when stocks were quoted in fractions instead of decimals. It is less common today.


One sixteenth of a point. For bond quotes, a sixteenth represents 1/16 of 1%. Thus, a bond quoted at 98 1/16 would indicate a price of 98 1/16 % of par, or $980.62.
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In the battles of Guillemont and Ginchy, the 16th suffered 4,330 casualties, of whom 1,200 were killed.
The Oba (in the middle) with attendants, Benin (Edo), 16th century
Of the 281 BJP MPs elected to the 16th Lok Sabha, 116 MPs or 41 percent have been MPs before, while 165 MPs have been elected to the Lok Sabha for the first-time.
Despite already being located on 16th Avenue, Duane Reade was enticed by the new construction to move across the street into the more modern space.
Captain Cieslak is the public affairs officer for the 16th Military Police Brigade, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
Defending champion Henrik Stenson had successive bogeys on the 10th and 11th, his first and second, but recovered with birdies on the 16th and 18th to complete the back nine on par.
The court then examined whether the award represented a "gain or accession to wealth," as contemplated by the 16th Amendment, an analysis first enunciated in Glenshaw Glass Co.
2000-2001 Would have been one of five teams on 42 points, and finished 16th between Everton and Derby on goal difference.
A typical American at the 16th will chortle "Get in the hole" or "Youdaman" as the player hits his tee shot.
Information: Peggy Smith, Regional Meeting Planner, ACS Meetings, 1155 16th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036-4899 USA, 202-872-4067, fax: 202-776-8299, e-mail: p_smith@acs.
Indeed, he and his wife began making a list of things they could do with it, but then, as he told Salt Lake television station KSL for a report broadcast on April 16th, "we just looked at each other and I told her, 'I don't know why we're doing this.
The native population collapse in 16th century Mexico was a demographic catastrophe with one of the highest death rates in history.