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Centre-half Andy Webster said: "I'm comfortable with zonal - it's something I've played before.
Ten teams from the Zonal Round will then advance for the Final Round of the Asian qualifiers, which will feature a total of 16 teams.
According to the zonal office, 11 security personnel were stationed at the post under an Assistant Sub-Inspector.
The details of the announcement regarding new zonal offices will be made later.
A five-day pass will get you into all five zonal games and cost pounds 40.
Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez will not change the zonal marking system that many have blamed for their Champions League defeat to Chelsea last week.
Sky's Andy Gray bangs on about it all the time, but he needs to remember we have employed zonal marking for five seasons and have enjoyed more good days than bad using it.
The zonal model was developed to study the interaction between the terminal unit and the rest of the room, including the floor and the roof (Lebrun 1970; Laret 1980; Howarth 1980, 1985; Sandberg and Lindstrom 1987; Ngendakumana 1988; Allard et al.
MUCH was made of Liverpool's zonal marking at set pieces when Rafael Benitez first arrived.
The colors are not as vibrant, perhaps, as the strong reds and pinks in the more common zonal or fish geraniums -- those familiar subjects for terra cotta pots.
A Zonal Based System: Identifies various areas and sets charges based on travel between them at specific times of the day and the levels of congestion.
BRYAN Robson has urged Sven Goran Eriksson to scrap his zonal marking system for today's clash against Ecuador.