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With an initial investment as low as $1,000, an individual can look to participate in the Internet's growth potential, enjoy all the benefits of owning a professionally managed investment portfolio, and receive a `security net' component related to the zero-coupon securities.
A change in interest rates affects the market price of zero-coupon bonds more dramatically than that of coupon bonds.
If the borrower holds the ZCIOFRM the entire 30 years, at maturity the borrower delivers the zero-coupon bond to the lender in satisfaction of the entire outstanding principal balance.
The current uneasiness in the stock market may serve to maket the Indiana Growth and Treasury Trust all the more attractive because of its zero-coupon safely net.
During the 1980s, an increasing number of deep-discount and zero-coupon bonds were part of the new issue market.
The table shows how much you'd have to invest, and at what yield, until a $5,000 zero-coupon Treasury matures.
4 plc (the issuer) will issue two tranches of zero-coupon notes and one tranche of floating-rate notes.
If the zero-coupon bonds currently held by the portfolio could be held to maturity, shareholders would receive $10 per share upon termination of the fund, Ellis said.
Under the Fund's amended non-fundamental investment policies recommended by Fund management and approved by the Board of Directors, the Fund may, under normal market conditions, invest in non-publicly traded municipal securities, zero-coupon municipal obligations and non-appropriation or other municipal lease obligations.
The Pfizer debt was issued in January 1990, as a 15-year, $50 million zero-coupon note and accreted in value at 7 percent per annum (compounded semi-annually) with repricing scheduled for January 1995.
The bank's product, the CollegeSure(R) Certificate of Deposit, competes with California's zero-coupon "college-savings" bonds and similar programs of other states.