year to date

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The period between the beginning of the calendar year and the present date. It is often used to calculate a company's income up to the present date and may be compared to the same period of the previous year to evaluate a company's financial health.

year to date (YTD)

January 1 until the current date. Financial publications frequently provide information for a security's YTD return, or the return provided by the security since the beginning of the calendar year.
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Year to date Nissan sold 62,741 units in Spain, down 11.
Year to date Nissan sold 87,013 units in the UK, down 14.
The year to date increase of $139,803 in office, occupancy, insurance, and salaries costs are a result of the opening of the Company's first retail outlet in the United States in November 2005.
Stock based compensation related to options granted to purchase common shares of the Company (see note 5c to the March 31, 2005 Financial Statements) amounted to $2,260,000 for the quarter and $2,295,000 for the year to date.
Gain on foreign exchange for the period and for the year to date amounted to $68,000 and resulted mostly from timing differences between the date where investments denominated in AU dollars were made and the exchange rate as at March 31, 2005, and from differences in rates from March 21, to March 31, 2005 for monetary items also denominated in AU dollars.
In the year to date (ended May 28), 46 downgrades and four upgrades were recorded on long-term debt outstanding worth US$112.
In the year to date (ended May 28), a total of 10 European issuers have been downgraded to speculative-grade from investment-grade status, affecting rated long-term debt worth US$17.
Most of the fallen angels recorded year to date were in the industrial sector.
The Grand Cherokee, the brand's flagship model, continued as one of the best selling vehicles in its segment with sales up 35% for the year to date and the Wrangler posted a 14.
For the year to date, Jeep brand sales were up nearly 47% to more than 25,000 vehicles and market share was up 10 basis points to 0.
Annualized premium is down only 1 percent compared to third quarter 2000, which brings the year to date decline to only 14 percent compared to 20 percent for the first half of the year.
Convention and group average daily room rates year to date through March 17, 2001 were $221, as compared to $184 during the same period of 2000.