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1. To perform a task, especially in exchange for compensation or the potential for profit. Working is necessary for any economy to function.

2. See: Job.




see JOB.
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List of Charts and Figures Mobile Workers in All Industries by Region, World Markets: 2013-2020 Utility Workers by Region, World Markets: 2013-2020 Utility Mobile Workers by Region, World Markets: 2013-2020 Utility Expenditures on Mobile Workforce Applications by Region, World Markets: 2013-2020 Utility Expenditures on Mobile Workforce Devices by Region, World Markets: 2013-2020
But an even bigger question, say the pundits, is this: Are community colleges ready to expand workforce development?
Working with Philips's global workforce, the research team was able to explore further cultural differences among workers.
Blue Pumpkin helps us lower our people costs and increase productivity by giving us visibility into our workforce," stated Robert Brashear, contact center director for Musician's Friend.
Members in this group (all competitive employers) work together to secure a trainable workforce by helping schools to understand what the industry needs and then agreeing to hire the graduates.
Dunk says although the issues being dealt with by employers today are similar to those in the past, little has been done in the way of studies to identify the causes of those issues especially for the aging workforce.
The discrepancy is larger in the people over 55 who make up half (50%) of the workforce and only 6.
Through this alliance, IBM BTO customers will benefit from an efficient outsourced HR services model that can enable the organization to proactively identify and prioritize headcount needs, optimize and align workforce investments to corporate goals, improve employee job satisfaction, nurture career growth, and reduce turnover.
For example, a personnel specialist attended the munitions systems effectiveness class and reported that it dramatically enhanced her ability to create or improve acquisition workforce position descriptions.
5 billion and thousands of visitors converging on Sydney for the Games, it was vital that the workforce project a cohesive image.
Vendors need to deliver the message that these solutions automate the processes involved in managing workforces and avoid implying that technology is the way to manage the direction of human beings.

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