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To further help BCBSKC's claims supervisors manage workflow and reduce manual labor, the application automatically redirects claims if one staff member is overloaded with claims and another's queue is not at full capacity.
Now, with the comprehensive workflow and orchestration capabilities of Opsware Orchestrator, including more than 500 pre-packaged workflows and process templates, achieving ITIL compliance can be within the grasp of even the most complex IT shops.
0 provides upgrades that support the new workflow features of CNG-SAFE 5.
ColorWise includes automated functionality and expert controls for managing color, productivity and automating color document workflow.
The Canon solutions on display here at the show will complement existing offset workflows for commercial printers and businesses with printing operations, and assist in transitioning other print providers toward digital printing process.
For more information about the imagePRESS workflow solution program, please visit www.
The new workflow features we have added to the PMG Service Catalog can take our customers many steps closer to optimum performance by the IT organization.
The WfMC, founded in August 1993, is a non-profit, international organization of workflow vendors, users, analysts and university/research groups.
Riverside's Soarian-enabled DVT Workflow identifies patients who have not received DVT prophylaxis and automatically notifies the care team, requesting appropriate orders.
0 which represents a significant milestone for both InforSense, and the evolution of workflow tools," commented Stephen Calvert, VP Cheminformatics at GlaxoSmithKline.
Additional releases planned for 2006 and beyond will expand capabilities for scientific disciplines, building on MDL informatics and integration strengths to deliver comprehensive workflow solutions for researchers.
Frictionless(R) Commerce, a leading supplier relationship management (SRM) software provider, announced today the availability of next-generation workflow functionality in its Frictionless(R) SRM 2005 software.

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