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1. Relating to the sale of goods to a retailer. That is, a wholesaler receives large quantities of goods from a manufacturer and distributes them to stores, where they are sold to consumers. A wholesaler generally is able to extract a better price from the manufacturer because it buys so many good relative to an individual retailer. In theory, this enables the retailer to sell the good at a better price for the consumer. See also: Economies of scale.

2. Relating to the sale of securities to institutional investors rather than individuals.


The sale of securities among broker-dealers and to large institutional investors. Securities sold at wholesale go for slightly lower prices than those paid by individual investors. Compare retail.
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NAICS 425120 comprises wholesale trade agents and brokers acting on behalf of buyers or sellers in the wholesale distribution of goods.
The first state and local level 2012 Economic Census data for wholesale trade were recently released.
The general wholesale trade industry reported a quarter-on-quarter growth of 10.
For the January - June 2010 period, the trade turnover is down 15% compared to the same period of 2009, but there is a noted trend of slower declines in all sectors - retail is down 11% and wholesale trade is down 14%
The wholesale trade industry provides an important link in the supply chain connecting producers with consumers in the economy.
Saskatchewan s wholesale trade has been up five times in the last six months on a month-over-month basis.
The wholesale trade sector includes establishments involved in selling merchandise to retailers; to industrial, commercial, institutional, farm, construction contractors, or professional business users; or acting as brokers in purchases or sales of merchandise between businesses.
Saskatchewan's wholesale trade numbers continue to be strong according to the latest report by Statistics Canada released today.
Business activity was also strong among respondents involved in wholesale trade.
Over 6,000 companies in the US are involved in the wholesale trade and retail distribution of electricity, with combined annual revenue of more than $220 billion.
These forecasts are segmented across nine vertical industry segments: mining, construction, manufacturing, retail trade, wholesale trade, services, government, FIRE (Finance, Insurance, Real Estate) and TCU (Transportation, Communications, Utilities).