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Six employees who were members of white-collar union TASS had been dismissed in November 1976 for alleged misconduct - prompting a sit-in by 250 TASS members in support of their sacked colleagues and 24-hour picketing to try to starve Hopkinsons of supplies.
The first reports significant growth in both the level of white-collar union membership and the number of white-collar unions in operation in Australia during the 1970s.
Representatives of white-collar union Amicus demonstrated yesterday outside Standard Life's first annual meeting since demutualisation.
IBM informed its employees about the plans on Thursday (17 March), reported the online edition of Siftidningen, the journal of the white-collar union Sif.
Dr Gibbons is a former executive of the white-collar union MSF and was one of the few Labour AMs to increase his majority at the 2003 Assembly elections.
But white-collar union Unison warned jobs could be exported out of the city and there could be redundancies, which will cost the taxpayer up to pounds 1 million.
A spokesman for Amicus, the white-collar union leading the fight against call centre moves, said: "We fear this will be the thin edge of the wedge.
WHITE-COLLAR union members at the Royal Mint have voted to accept a pay offer which has caused other workers there to strike.
The golden handshakes were attacked by Terry Pye, regional secretary designate of the white-collar union Amicus-MSF.
THE engineering union AEEU and white-collar union MSF have merged to form a new union called Amicus, which is the Latin for "friend".
The book under review examines the experience of NALGO (the National and Local Government Officers' Association), the main white-collar union in Britain's public sector, during almost a decade and a half of Conservative rule, ending in 1993 with the merger of three public sector unions, including NALGO, to create UNISON (which is not an acronym), which became the largest union in Britain.
However, the white-collar union, the ESB Officials' Association, gave the company until last Wednesday to make a "serious offer'' on a pay increase.