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It is more likely that the same phenomenon (surface tension gradient induced movement of solvent and resin) which resulted in greater surface waviness also led to nonalignment of the flakes.
Different frequencies (q = L/[lambda] [lambda] is the wavelength of the wavy capillary) and amplitudes ([alpha]) were considered to analyze the influence of the waviness of the capillary surface.
Analysis of waviness of formed surfaces showed that there is a possibility to produce moulds and prototypes of high surface quality.
The corresponding three statistical characteristics: texture, waviness and roughness for Profiles 1 and 2 are shown in Fig.
Surface waviness is defined as the intermediate wavelength components produced by the machining process, including any deviations from the ideal waviness profile.
The surface texture component, varying along the horizontal direction, is called waviness when the changes are slow, and roughness when changes are more rapid.
85 [pounds sterling] Parameters All defined b ISO Ra, Rz, Rq, Rt Waviness All defined b ISO Not available parameters *--with driving unit Fig.
However, owing to its inherit surface waviness, unnecessary effects were introduced into the cell structure.
Typically, a waviness pattern caused by early-wood-latewood differences appears for coatings with moderate layer thickness due to incomplete leveling.
Roughness is of significant interest in manufacturing because it is the roughness of a surface (given reasonable waviness and form error) that determines its friction in contact with another surface.
In partial tears some intact fibers are seen, whereas in complete tears discontinuity of waviness of the ligament fibers is identified.