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The more onerous proposals that had been floating around in the press, such as more clearly defined "management responsibility," stricter treatment of deferred tax assets and "nationalization" appeared to have been significantly watered down.
After visiting a number of classrooms in which the students could not answer clearly and coherently when asked what the Ten Commandments are, he concluded that "the watered down teaching of the faith has given us a watered-down faith.
That this ancient wisdom speaks to Internet-surfing, city-dwelling women and men of the 21st century is a testament to the power of its timeless truths--although unfortunately the popularity of the Celtic spirituality "craze" has sometimes watered down or trivialized it.
Most of these measures were subsequently reversed or watered down as a result of well-connected lobbies throwing their rattles out of the pram.
Average return in precious metals was watered down due to lower relative performance compared to base metals, except for Silver, which outshined all the precious metals at a return of about 46%.
According to former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman, Arthur Levitt, the Volcker rule could be watered down following intense lobbying by banking groups.
I think it a bit of slur against some of the great pubs we have up here to talk about watered down beer.
In 2004, he helped lead the campaign to defeat Proposition 66, which would have watered down the ``three strikes, you're out'' law.
The club claimed the drinks were being watered down by a staff member who has since been sacked.
not watered down with NDP-oriented social justice or Mother Earth issues.