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B] with immersion time to calculate the water diffusion from the BK equation, indicating that the water diffusion obtained from [C.
Many treatments, such as radiation and/or chemotherapy, can result in the loss of the cell membrane integrity that may affect water diffusion and perfusion.
Even, they suggested that a decrease in water diffusion reflects early events that precede the vascular responses, which could originate from changes in the extravascular tissue (Kohno et al.
Determining the Water Diffusion Coefficient During Salting Goat Meat Slices Using Inverse Problem
24) Diffusion measurements become more complex when the structures restricting water diffusion have a structure themselves.
FA measures the uniformity of water diffusion throughout the brain, and low FA tends to indicate areas of axonal injury.
Therefore, the hydrophilic nature of corneocytes together with the hydrophobic environment found in the extracellular domains of the lower SC is the main reason to impede free water diffusion (4).
Trace diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) and apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps confirmed the restriction of water diffusion (Figs.
In the first psychotic episode, a stunning new finding (8) reveals brain edema, with a swollen brain and smaller ventricles, caused by water diffusion into extra cellular space of both gray and white matter.
Cell lysis is often the first effect of many different types of therapy, and theoretically this would lead to an increase in water diffusion, and therefore an increased ADC value.