watch list

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Watch list

A list of securities selected for special surveillance by a brokerage, exchange, or regulatory organization; firms on the list are often takeover targets, companies planning to issue new securities, or stocks showing unusual activity.

Watch List

A list of securities that the SEC or other body is observing closely because their companies are suspected of regulatory or legal violations, or because it has simply attracted an unusual amount of attention recently. For example, a company about to make a new issue of stock may be placed on the watch list to ensure that it abides by all regulations, even if it has never been suspected of violating any.

watch list

A roster of securities that are under scrutiny for a special reason. For example, a watch list may be established for stock that has exhibited an unusual trading volume or for debt securities that have reduced quality ratings.
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To select this year's winners, the Watch List was based on multiple criteria, including new and innovative services, unique approach to delivering learning solutions, commitment to improving learning through technology and quality of initial clients.
Preparing clients for Sovaldi, the $1,000 per pill hepatitis C drug approved in late 2013, proved to be an extremely important, first case study for Prime's Watch List.
When the Jim Thorpe Award for the nation's best defensive back comes out with its watch list today, Ekpre-Olomu, a senior, will almost certainly be on it.
I am pleased to announce today that the Government of Israel has taken important steps to improve protection for intellectual property rights in Israel and can now be removed from the Special 301 Priority Watch List, said Ambassador Kirk.
BEIRUT: The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) maintained Lebanon on the Watch List for piracy of intellectual property, along with 25 other countries and jurisdictions.
Greece will remain on the Watch List for possible demotion to Advanced Emerging status.
For Watch List banks, the ideal situation would be to get performance and balance sheet issues under control quickly, so they can come off the List under their own power.
This trend is underscored by the greater length on the Watch List for several banks that failed in the first quarter of this year.
According to security experts, the watch list and body scanners have the same limitation: They don't catch potential terrorists before they reach an airport.
The TSA has already assumed the watch list matching responsibility for passengers on domestic commercial flights with four volunteer aircraft operators and will be adding more airlines in the coming months.
South Korea to be Promoted to Developed Status; - Red Chip Stocks to be Moved From Hong Kong (Developed Market) to China (Emerging Market); - Watch List Extended to Include Frontier Markets; - FTSE Updates on Assessment of Markets Will be Increased to Twice Each Year.
A US rights group has condemned the country's "terrorism" watch list as "unfair", saying it has become bloated and contains too many names to be effective.