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He ordered the revocation of Taylor's citizenship be set aside and declared that the 62-year-old war baby was indeed a Canadian citizen.
The War Baby property is immediately adjacent to the Callinan Mine, a 500,000-600,000 ton per year underground base metal mine operated by HBM&S.
The War Baby property is adjacent to and down-the-plunge from the Callinan Mine, a 500,000 to 600,000 ton-per-year base metal mine operated by Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting ("HBM&S").
As a war baby I used to be taken to Thayers' deli shop in Wellfield Road, where we bought vanilla ice cream.
War baby Mrs Stoker, who today celebrated her 90th birthday yesterday, remains proud that she was born at exactly 11 o'clock, on the 11th day, of the 11th month - the precise time and date marking the official end of the Great War.
I remember being out with them one day when we got a letter from home saying my mum had had a baby girl, a war baby.
Deep Hole Completed On War Baby Property - Wedging & Directional
As stories were swapped and memories stirred, Maureen Hart of Haltwhistle - herself a Gilsland war baby - looked on and smiled: "This is a very special day.
I used to say my dislike of anything at all sweet was because I was a war baby - well not quite but ration books were still being used - so sweets and chocolate were simply not available.
The post war baby boomer generation is under threat from a substance that many thought would have passed into history by now - asbestos.
Following last year's rather messy Disco Hospital parties this year's theme will be War Baby every Wednesday starting next week.
Now, almost 60 years on, her family has contacted the Sunday Mercury to tell the full heartbreaking story - and to seek a reunion with the war baby whose identity is today unknown.