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This is the daily number of shares of a security that change hands between a buyer and a seller. Also known as volume traded. Also see Up volume and Down volume.


The amount of trading sustained in a security or in the entire market during a given period. Especially heavy volume may indicate that important news has just been announced or is expected. See also average daily volume.


Volume is the number of shares traded in a company's stock or in an entire market over a specified period, typically a day.

Unusual market activity, either higher or lower than average, is typically the result of some external event. But unusual activity in an individual stock reflects new information about that stock or the stock's sector.

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An example from around the home clearly illustrates the difference between volumetric and gravimetric measurements: 250 ml of liquid cream will become around 1000 ml when whipped--but its mass will remain constant at 250 grams.
Thus, if the slope of this linear relationship is known, the fresh-air volumetric flow rate supplied to the building can be calculated.
Raji, the most exciting finding was the positive effects of physical activity in people who already had AD or MCI at the time of volumetric MRI.
Easy-to-use, economical measurement devices, and reductions in downtime and scrap parts make it one of the best times to replace 1D linear calibration and compensation with 3D volumetric calibration and compensation.
has a new AFV Series of volumetric additive feeders aimed at injection molders.
Linear displacement errors of each axis with the volumetric compensation were also measured.
At the distal radius, osteoporotic women had significantly lower total volumetric BMD and cortical thickness compared with osteopenic women.
The venting of the mold cavity should allow gas to exit with at least the same volumetric rate that the gating system allows metal into the mold, resulting in a "free flow condition" without backpressure.
The report says Australia's wine industry believes one of the changes being proposed will be a volumetric excise tax which would be levied per liter of alcohol.
From the outset, Yoshizawa has explored the links between abstract gestures and the rhythms of life through the suggestion of recognizable form, of volumetric objects in space.
NYSE:DDMG) announces its support for the open source release of OpenVDB, a powerful and innovative tool for use in volumetric effects by the visual effects and animation industry, by DreamWorks Animation SKG (NASDAQ:DWA).
1 - The radio modules are characterized by two-way radio transmission in 433MHz frequency band with accessories - 5 550 pieces;- Volumetric water meters for cold water R = 160 - 1 112 units;- Single-jet water meters for cold water R = 160 - 1 943 art;- Single-jet water meters for cold water Class B - 750 pieces;Task No.