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1. In technical analysis, a situation in which the supply and demand for a security are largely the same. A line means that the security is unlikely to see any rapid fluctuation in price. It is called a line because, when plotted on a graph, it looks like a roughly horizontal line. Technical analysts look for signals that a line is ready to break one way or another before recommending that investors take a position on a security.

2. Informal; workers in a large, industrial company. They are called the line because, historically, they assembled the parts of a product while literally standing next to each other in a long line, also called an assembly line.


In technical analysis, a horizontal pattern on a price chart indicating a period during which supply and demand for a security are relatively equal. Technical analysts generally look for the price to break away from the line, at which time they are likely to take a position in the direction of the movement. See also making a line.
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The results were recorded, coupled with various conditions, such as solar altitude (position of the sun relative to the horizon) and the direction of the model's visual line (angle) or facial or head shape, in a relative manner.
is showcasing a robotic mixed unit load palletizing cell, packaging with visual line tracking and a new hazardous environment option at Pack Expo 2000 at the McCormick Center in Chicago, from November 5-9, in the North Hall, booth #3688.
This new invention describes a method for uniquely and unambiguously aligning a patient's visual line of sight to the optical axis of an ophthalmic instrument such as may be used in laser surgery or diagnostics.
Create visual lines of connection down Bradford Street and Cheapside and clear links into the city centre through the redevelopment of the wholesale markets area.
The success of audio and visual lines has even convinced the multiples to dip their toes into the large kitchen appliances market, selling freezers and dishwashers which are considered purchases and rarely bought on price alone.
With a passion for design, Brett Johnson brings to his latest collection the fluid visual lines of Florence, where all of these unique pieces are made.
Finished in chrome, it's along the same visual lines as a window cleaner's "squeezy" scraper.
Patio covers add visual lines to help structure and improve the overall appearance of a home.

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