video conferencing

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Video Conference

A meeting in which one or more participants participate by projecting their images on an audio-visual device. This allows one to attend a meeting from a great distance. Proponents of video conferencing argue that it saves on the cost of travel, especially in a multinational corporation. Critics contend that video conferences restrict the camaraderie and informal exchanges that facilitate the conduct of business.

video conferencing

a form of interactive COMMUNICATION which involves the use of PERSONAL COMPUTERS. Desktop or personal video systems provide one-to-one video communications, usually by adding a video camera and a plug-in video card to a personal computer attached to a digital telephone line or office network.

Video conferencing can be a time-saving and cost-effective means of communication since it reduces or eliminates the need for business travel. See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.

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I have spent the last few years hunting for an affordable, high-quality video conferencing solution.
We believe that video conferencing should be a major enabler of global collaboration," said William MacDonald, Codian's General Manager for The Americas.
The Codian MCU 4500 series is the industryeIUs most powerful conferencing bridge, delivering full-motion, high-definition (HD) continuous presence video conferencing while fully supporting conferences with mixed standard definition (SD) and HD endpoints.
Rising Trend to Recruit Top Talent Via Video Conferencing 13
Once again Codian is showing they are a technology leader in the market with their groundbreaking HD video conferencing bridge," said Paul Waadevig, Industry Manager of Frost & Sullivan's conferencing and collaboration practice.
Codian's MCU 4200 is the most powerful video conferencing bridge available, while the IP VCR 2200 series is a digital recorder specifically designed for video conferencing deployments.
MacDonald added that, unlike less specialized distributors of video conferencing systems, PicturePhone Direct has strong product-specific technical expertise.
All IP Unity enterprise and service provider customers interested in Mereon Video Conferencing beta trials are encouraged to contact their IP Unity account managers or call 408-582-1100 for more information.
Today's video conferencing technology uses the client/server platform, which requires expensive servers or the use of a third party provider.
Those days are over now that more and more families have access to broadband Internet service and web cams, making video conferencing mainstream at the office and at home.