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Por otro lado, de las 11 especies que presentaron el mayor numero de individuos (n>10; Cuadro 1) se encuentra que Chaetodus asuai (Hybosoridae) fue la mas importante, seguida de Cyclocephala verticalis (Dynastidae), ambas presentes en todos los niveles de perturbacion.
Bolivar, Krauss, 1877); Sjostedt 1912 (1909); Kevan (1955) Eupropacris vana (Karsch, Karny (1907); Sjostedt (1909) 1896) Eyprepocnemis plorans ibandana Sjostedt (1909) (Giglio-Tos, 1907) Gastrimargus africanus Sjostedt (1909, 1928) africanus (Saussure, 1888) Gastrimargus determinatus Sjostedt (1909) vitripennis (Saussure, 1888) Gastrimargus verticalis Sjostedt (1909, 1928); Ritchie verticalis (Saussure, 1884) (1982) Gymnobothrus cruciatus I.
1C); restricted to smaller streams and rivers of the Appalachians verticalis 2.
sp 24 (XY) -- Trichocorixa verticalis (Fieber) 24 (XY) -- Micronectidae Micronecta poweri (Douglas & Scott) 24 (XY) -- Tenagobia fuscata (Stal) 30 (XY) 14+XY * present contribution
odynastes luteiventris Pecho amarillo Costa Rica Conopias albovittata Pecho amarillo Costa Rica Tyrannus melancholicus Pecho amarillo Costa Rica Tyrannus verticalis Pecho amarillo Costa Rica Tyrannus tyrannus Viuda Heredia Tyrannus forficatus Tijerillas Zona Sur Tyrannus savana Tijerillas Las Juntas Abangares Incertae sedis Tityra semifasciata Calandria San Vito Pajaro chancho Valle Central Cotingidae Cephalopterus Pajaro sombrilla Monteverde glabricollis Procnias tricarunculata Calandria Pajareros Pajaro Campana Monteverde Pipridae Manacus cande
Ward DJ: Hypotodus verticalis (Agassiz 1843), Hypotodus robustus (Leriche 1921) and Hypotodus heinzelini (Casier 1967) Chondrichthyes, Lamniformes, junior synonyms of Carcharias hopei (Agassiz 1843).
verticalis, Nehalennia irene, Aeshna constricta, A.
The energetic costs of calling in the bushcricket, Requena verticalis (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae: Listrosceliinae).
For example, Richardson and Baker (1997) found that, in the laboratory, Ischnura verticalis female size at emergence was unrelated to fecundity, but instead fecundity was strongly positively related to feeding rate.
For each of 12 trials involving Aeshna mutata, five Enallagma boreale, and five Ischnura verticalis larvae taken from a dragonfly lake, were added to a dish and allowed to acclimate for 3-5 h.