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Oral. Verbal contracts are enforceable unless they fall within the Statute of Frauds.

• Verbal wills, called nuncupative wills, are usually not enforceable.

• Verbal statements made by someone before death, and which would have the effect of increasing or decreasing that person's estate, will usually not be allowed into evidence by virtue of the dead man's statute.

• Averbal agreement regarding the location of the true boundary line between property owners is often enforceable; a verbal agreement to compromise the line between two property owners is usually not enforceable.

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While on board, one of the boys became verbally abusive to two passengers before both left the train at Hebburn.
Since it was launched in March, Verbally has been downloaded more than 28,000 times and is downloaded an average of 210 times per day.
But after verbally agreeing to a new deal last month he has now signed on until 2013.
Respect It'--aimed at shoppers who attack store staff verbally.
Two thirds of teachers claim to have been physically or verbally assaulted during the past year.
Most teachers have been attacked or verbally abused in the past 12 months, a survey reveals today.
In a fire or carbon monoxide emergency, they all sound off verbally to provide the location of the emergency, thus giving residents the chance to react quickly.
While Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks defensive end Wes Horton became the first local prep football player from the class of 2008 to verbally commit to a Division I college this week, the offers are beginning to come in for other top prospects as well.
Inclusive of the tales 'Two Lost In The Filthy Night', the tale of two verbally talented paupers in poor and finite living quarters with outstanding dialogue (Marcos), 'Moist Lips, Quiet Passion', telling of a lowly couple struggling to obtain their "big orgasm" in attempt to retain a faithful and active relationship (Assumpcao), and 'Walking Papers', the increasingly intricate plot of one man and one woman fragmenting situations between one-another which intriguingly trace the edge of insanity (Castro).
A new study shows that while gay men can be just as aggressive as straight men, they are more likely to express it verbally than physically.
LLANELLI Scarlets yesterday handed a life ban to a supporter who verbally abused Cardiff winger Jonah Lomu.
These members participated in the TRM process by submitting written questions to China prior to meetings of 16 WTO subsidiary bodies with a role in the Transitional Review Mechanism (TRM), or by raising issues verbally with China during these meetings, which occurred from September to December 2003.