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Complications During peak periods, price will be substantially above the average variable cost of the marginal generating unit To get a more realistic view of the competitive supply curve, number of significant complications should be recognized:
The transfer price should be equal to the variable costs of the goods or services, plus the contribution margin per unit that is lost.
In the first step of the calculation, the profit-improvement algorithm is employed to compute the maximum revenue/variable cost ratio for each of the three railroads assuming the other two railroads set their respective prices at variable cost.
Changes in variable costs resulting from the reform are less dramatic, mainly because of the dominance of wages within total variable costs.
check] $962,000 in variable costs per year from decreased hospital utilization.
But now we allocate it to fixed and variable costs, as well as by coremaking, molding, melting and every other department.
The variable costs for rehabilitation activity average $700 per patient per month.
Total variable cost was approximately $7497 per year, while on a per accession basis, the variable cost was $4.
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First, based on program-specific data on the rates, the variable costs, and the program mix, we can compute the package (aggregate) value as follows:
For a business organization, pretax operating income (Figure 1, line 23) is the excess of tuition revenue over both fixed and variable costs.
To use Hutt's analysis, the break-even point can be determined by calculating your fixed costs (unvarying expenses), variable costs (fluctuating expenses) and your contribution margin (selling price per unit minus variable expenses per unit).

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