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Applications are invited for Job of Consultancy: value for money annual review.
6m, then spend around half a million to keep it empty is value for money, better value for money than giving a lease to the group whose business plan prompted the purchase in the first place.
Spokesman Richard Doe said: "It's not surprising fans question the value for money they get from their club.
It would be great if we could be certain that when this happens the taxpayer gets value for money.
The higher DB figure meets strict guidelines which allow a more expensive bid to be picked if it offers value for money and is no more than 2.
The gong, which was announced in the newspaper's travel magazine, praised the hotel's 'funked-up but friendly' design, restaurant and value for money in 'such a pricey patch' around the Cotswolds.
It called yesterday for a full independent review to check both that the schemes are expected to deliver value for money when signed, and that they deliver the predicted benefits once they are up and running.
As such AfDB was scheduled to hold its first capacity building training on value for money, sustainability and accountability in Dar es Salm on November 4-7, 2013.
Analyst Verdict, which runs the annual poll of 6,000 shoppers, said Ikea's new layout, value for money and its ranges for all budgets won customers over.
The MoD is to open up the way it approves its suppliers, to give opportunities to smaller companies and deliver value for money.
In a report today the PAC said: "The inability of departments to improve value for money in a time of increasing budgets casts doubts on government's ability to reduce costs now while minimising the impact on front-line services.
The Beamish Unlimited Pass, introduced in April, takes value for money just one step further.