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1. In economics, the level satisfaction the person derives from a good or service. Utility is inherently subjective and thus difficult to measure, but it is important in determining how much supply of a product the market can handle without diminishing demand. Historically, it has been thought that one can quantify the utility of each unit, but some economists disagree with this. See also: Austrian school, Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility.

2. A company that provides electricity, water, or gas to customers. These companies are subject to a number of regulations at the local and national levels. They borrow more than most other companies; thus, a decline in utility stocks is often seen as an indicator of a coming rise in interest rates. See also: Dow Jones Utility Average - DJUA.


a theoretical measure of UTILITY derived from the CONSUMPTION of a good or service.


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Os dados foram obtidos por meio da batimetria, utilizando o guincho hidrometrico, e analisados pela equacao matematica aplicada para determinar o tempo de vida util da represa:
Apos a realizacao dos calculos para determinar o tempo de vida util da represa, aplicou-se o coeficiente de correcao (K'), que e o resultado obtido da batimetria mais proximo da realidade dividido pelo resultado obtido da camara de sedimentacao: