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1. See: Close a position.

2. To correct a mistake. For example, if an investor instructs his/her broker to sell a security and the broker instead buys it, the broker must re-sell the security, and pay the client what he/she may have lost in the mistake. This process is known as unwinding.


1. To close out a relatively complicated investment position. For example, an investor who practices arbitrage by taking one position in stocks and the opposite position in option contracts would have to unwind by the date on which the options would expire.
2. To rectify a transaction in which a mistake has been made. For example, because of a misunderstanding, a brokerage firm may have bought the wrong stock for a customer. The firm must then unwind the erroneous trade by selling the stock just purchased and buying the correct stock.
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That may have been effective enough for the last century, but we've come a long way to reach the high-performance, high-productivity, low-waste levels of unwind and rewind technology required in the 21st century.
Aztech Converting Systems offers standard modular unwind and rewind systems.
We have determined that it is possible to safely unwind yarn from packages with alternating layers of radius of 150 mm and in some circumstances even 120 or 100 mm.
The routine task of changing rolls at the unwind and rewind stand on rollfed applications can hold the key to extra production gained or lost.
Without that, as rolls on the rewind side fill up and turn slower, the unwind can turn faster.
Following is a list of some of the companies that manufacture And/or market unwinds and splicers.
CTC is one of several manufacturers that supply unwind and splicing equipment to the narrow web industry.