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Although the main index of the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) saw a considerable surge in 2017, the market's unweighted index suggests that the companies with the largest capitalization were behind the upward trend.
1 per cent, while the Kuwait Stock Exchange Unweighted Index fell 0.
6 per cent and the Kuwait Stock Exchange Unweighted Index decreased 0.
In theory, such products should provide the least direct exposure to the hedging powers of commodity prices, because stocks are influenced so heavily by moves in the general market but, in fact, an unweighted index of returns of the group has closely tracked the GSCI, with correlation of 0.
This observation, coupled with our concern about degrees of freedom, leads us to use the simple unweighted index of RS in the rest of the article.
Part of the reason for this seems to be that, within each class of goods, products with relatively low market shares tend to show faster price declines than products with higher market shares, giving these price declines a larger role in an unweighted index than in a weighted index.
Moreover, the unweighted index continued to show the breakpoints evident in the official CUBO series when subjected to formal statistical tests.
An unweighted index assigns a level (and associated dollar amount) based on a simple count of the minimum data set (MDS) items.
This investment methodology will often trail the S&P 500 for a given year or two, and then surpass it, because the S&P 500 Index is weighted by the size of the market capitalization of each stock, while the CE100 Index is an unweighted index (which means you buy equal dollar amounts in each company).
Qatar's QE Index and the Kuwait Stock Exchange Unweighted Index rose 0.
The Kuwait Stock Exchange Unweighted Index and Saudi Arabia's Tadawul All Share Index slipped 0.