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a US$4,000,000 unsecured loan provided by Kennecott, with a maturity date of December 21, 2015; and
Contract notice: Tendering of services at negotiated procedure for the provision of an unsecured loan to cover the costs of maintenance and adjustments in the functional polo sella nevea - city of chiusaforte (ud).
I applied for an unsecured loan and there was no mention of needing a guarantor in the conversation," she said.
NRAM retained the majority of the pre-existing mortgage book and all pre-existing unsecured loan accounts.
Let's say you take out a large unsecured loan in the amount of $9,000 for 36 months at 6.
constituting [pounds sterling]1,000,000 variable rate unsecured loan notes (the "Unsecured Loan
The unsecured loan often took the total borrowed to more than 100 per cent of the value of the property.
Barclays Capital Real Estate provided the unsecured loan and the equity investment was provided by Fortress Investment Group.
At the time, DWP officials backed by then-Mayor James Hahn gave an unsecured loan to the company - Personal Electric Transports, or PET, Inc.
Small restaurant chain looking for $70,000 unsecured loan at 7% or less over 5-7 years to consolidate a 50k and 20k loan.
The documents reveal that former Metal Management chairman Ben Jennings, who has not been affiliated with the company for more than two years, has received an unsecured loan of $9.
One benefit of switching is the option of taking out a bigger mortgage and an unsecured loan together.