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Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust (CHFT) had been struggling with a mounting backlog of unresolved written complaints earlier this year.
There seems to be a moral disconnect in how we respond to the most prescient threats of unresolved homicides, critical missing persons and exploited children.
The contract is for the execution of a vertical hole pelnordzeniowanego research Bibiela PGI-1, together with studies of well logs to investigate unresolved profiles Lower Paleozoic in the north-eastern part of the Upper Silesian Block, in the municipality Wozniki, district lubliniecki, Silesia.
The issue of separation or not of the presidential and legislative elections was unresolved because Ennahdha movement maintains its position in favour of the simultaneity of the two elections while the other parties are in favour of their separation, Hichem Hosni president of the progressive people's party explained.
I am contesting these elections for people whose issues have remained unresolved.
Last week, the Crown refused to reveal the total figure for Scotland after we discovered more than 500 murders were classed as unresolved in the former Strathclyde force area.
It was decided in the meeting that Altaf Hussain would not forge any formal contact with any leader of PPP or committee till both sides reach any conclusion to sort out unresolved matters of public interest.
The report deals with ministers' 2006 order to the UK Border Agency in 2006 to "deal with" the legacy of unresolved asylum cases no later than summer 2011.
Detectives and members of the Unresolved Homicide Unit have chased down leads, but now hope the public can help find these men.
Summary: London Underground is to press ahead with new Tube ticket office opening hours even though a bitter row over jobs remains unresolved.
INDIA ON Monday welcomed the reported exclusion of Jammu and Kashmir from the United Nations' list of unresolved international disputes.