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the extent to which a product fulfils its function over a period of time.

The reliability of a product depends upon its design characteristics, the quality of materials and components embodied within it and the care with which it is made and assembled.

A product's reliability is an important part of its performance in use and thus affects the appeal of the product to customers and the likelihood of their buying it. See BRAND LOYALTY. See QUALITY CONTROL, FAILURE RATE CURVE, PARALLEL SYSTEM.

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5 billion for what he described as the same unreliable and problematic automated elections.
1c] is an ideal assay to pilot risk assessment of reporting unreliable patient results because (a) the majority of manufactured Hb [A.
Unreliable grids can result in regular, even daily, power outages.
Babies were divided in two groups; with reliable or unreliable testers.
Noting that such remarks are contradictory to the US interests, he stressed that the words chanted by Obama about a nuclear attack against Iran means that the US administration is "an unreliable and sinister government".
Coroner Mr Pritchard Jones said that the mast at Felinheli picks up signals from a huge area and had been unreliable in other mountain rescue searches.
All this renewable energy by itself is unreliable and will require nuclear and fossil fuel continuous back-up, something like 50 per cent of the total energy requirement.
The Well-Fed Self-Publisher covers how to develop a "marketing mindset", find reviewers willing to spread book publicity, get in the big bookstore chains, build a cash-generating website, minimize dependence on the unreliable mainstream media, filter through the print-on-demand hype, and much more.
Some of the monks at Glastonbury who are sheltering Colin are loving and trustworthy; others are power-hungry and unreliable.
No running water, sparse electricity and unreliable phone connections, but this 27-year-old Santa Clarita native couldn't be happier.
Acting "at the behest of the White House," Goss and his underlings worked to remove officials considered politically unreliable from "the clandestine service, that component of the CIA that recruits and handles spies.