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The brigade S-4 and support operations officer should develop a written and explicit timeline for the deactivation of UME unit identification codes and Department of Defense activity address codes, and the return of LIS data.
The CSTs are provided with bench stock at each FOB because they do not have unit identification codes or Department of Defense activity address codes.
Multiple HHT devices, users and unit identification codes can all be managed through the main PBUSE application.
This middleware can print barcodes and manage a number of hand-held terminals, users, and unit identification codes.
Soldiers authorized to fill out the card should make sure their Unit Identification Codes (UICs) are current and show only those UICs that they support or are assigned to.
Until all data integrity issues are resolved, migrating unit identification codes are placed in a "hold" table within LIDB and changes to the unit's authorization and asset posture are not processed.
To receive the upgrade kit, send DA Form 5106, Mission Support Plan, with your POC, location, unit identification codes, nearest repair/calibration facility, and the number of test sets authorized and on-hand to the PD TMDE TEMOD Product Office.

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