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A Usually, if you are gifted an unencumbered property you have to wait six months.
These costs will usurp some of the value of the property so that the sum total of the sticks will be less than the value of the whole unencumbered property held by a sole owner.
The unencumbered property was funded through a draw on the Company's revolving line of credit.
A joint venture between Duncan Hillsley Capital and Pebb Capital purchased the unencumbered property for $38.
Golemo and his wife owned unencumbered property on Endicott Street, but that he had not confirmed the ownership.
The present financial market turbulence is having a significant impact on the property market yet, despite this, in January 2008 we arranged a pounds 20 million facility with Bank of Scotland against some of our unencumbered property, notwithstanding the general reluctance of many banks and institutions to lend.
The department took a similar view on transfers of unencumbered property to partnerships.
95-14, the IRS has released a correction program for plan sponsors that have contributed unencumbered property to qualified defined benefit or defined contribution plans in violation of Sec.
In an 8-to-1 decision, the Court in May 1993 ruled in favor of the government, restricting the ability of employers to make contributions of unencumbered property to a defined benefit plan.
The ratings are further supported by VNO's unencumbered property coverage of unsecured debt, which gives the company significant financial flexibility as a source of contingent liquidity.
We have been increasing our unencumbered property portfolio by paying down higher fixed rate interest mortgage debt which allows us to lower our cost of capital," said Kevin Miller, Chief Financial Officer.
Eureka Plaza Group LLC purchased the unencumbered property for $10.