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Become applicable or exercisable. A term mainly used on the context of employee stock ownership or option programs. Employees might be given equity in a firm but they must stay with the firm for a number of years before they are entitled to the full equity. This is a vesting provision. It provides incentive for the employee to perform.


The process by which an employee with a qualified retirement plan and/or stock option becomes entitled to the benefits of ownership, even if he/she no longer works at the company providing the retirement plan or stock option. Vesting occurs after an employee has worked at the company for a certain number of years; once vesting occurs, the benefits of the plan or stock option cannot be revoked.


To give immediate rights in property, even if possession or enjoyment will be delayed until later.The question of when property rights vest is critical to future interests, taxation, and creditors' rights.

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Of its latest range American founder, Sara Blakely, said: "The men in my life, and in Hollywood, have been asking me to make Spanx for men for years, so I was inspired to create comfortable and powerful undershirts that provide instant gratification without gimmicks.
He wore a neat white tunic and turban, in stark contrast to the saggy white undershirt he wore in photographs taken after his capture during a raid in Pakistan in March 2003.
His red coat, trimmed with white fur, has fallen open to reveal a grayish undershirt and briefs.
Folding my laundry later that night I would stop moving, completely bent over, unfolded undershirt in hand, my mind captivated by a memory of a trick launched, a slam, or just the way it all looked and felt.
standing against a series of vertical slats, a mop of dark hair rising from his head as if on fire, undershirt tucked into his pants, long thin arms in his pockets, a dog at his feet.
I remember him taking off his top to reveal a message on his undershirt, 'Once a Blue Always a Blue'.
Soffe's top seller at retail is a baseball undershirt (white body, colored three-quarter sleeves).
The fetching ensemble of suit pants and a sleeveless undershirt along with the faux New Jersey accent, the imposing senior executive physique--it was the big podium finish before the evening actually ended.
The uniform will be linked to an undershirt dotted with sensors.
Greg Kramer also offers an undershirt holster, the Confidante.
I could see a white undershirt beneath the unbuttoned collar.