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In the equities market, a reversal; unwind.


A change in a security's price trend.
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He entered his guilty plea on the basis that he had been looking back for 1-3 seconds before the car left the road, and he accepted he should have stopped before turning round.
LAHORE -- Prominent Model and Actress, Kaneeza Hashmi has said that Pakistan film industry is turning round which will achieve its lost glory in few years.
IMPATIENT" motorists have been criticised after turning round in a major Cardiff tunnel during a traffic jam.
Turning round 26-7 down Ionians came back strongly in the third quarter before Cov - whose defence was excellent throughout - eased clear with two tries in the space of three minutes midway through the final quarter.
A North Wales Police spokesman said: "He damaged a wall turning round near Craflwyn, outside the village.

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