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Securities bought and sold for settlement on the same day. Also describes a firm that has been performing poorly, but changes its financial course and improves its performance.


1. A change in a security's price trend, especially from a downtrend to an uptrend. See also: Reversal.

2. A change in a company's situation from one of losses or low profitability to one with higher profits.

3. To buy a security, then to sell in the same trading day. See also: Day trader.


1. The process of moving from a period of losses or low profitability into a more profitable stage. A turnaround may be triggered by a number of factors including a better use of assets or the development of new products and services.
2. A security that is in the process of reversing a declining price trend.
3. The purchase and sale of a security on the same day.
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Some of these benefits include performing turnarounds in a structured manner, allowing the repetition of restructuring management methods, and problems to be encountered are indicated early throughout the turnaround process.
The dialogue with all parties in a turnaround will be continuous so that problems are highlighted at an early stage and co-operation obtained to resolve them.
Jeffrey Brodsky of Quest Turnaround Advisors, LLC was hired in September 2002 to act as an advisor to the Creditors Committee and upon emergence from Chapter 11 to become CEO.
Surviving a real turnaround, which begins with a seemingly simple mission statement, often is a more difficult journey than the road to bankruptcy.
Raise nursing department staffing to levels in keeping with turnaround objectives.
The first step taken in the systems analysis project was to gather sufficient data on the current system to develop a baseline measure of present turnaround times on IDRs.
What volume of turnaround services are contracted out by petrochemical plant operators?
He was also named one of the Turnaround Atlas Award s Top 100: Global Restructuring and Turnaround Professionals.
8220;We are forever grateful for the time and financial resources they dedicated to beginning what has become the largest global association of turnaround, restructuring, and distressed investing professionals.
The entry form and entry guidelines are available at turnaround.