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Here we present two cases of tufted folliculitis that were effectively treated with antibacterial treatment after verifying the infectious nature of the disease.
With these findings; we came to a conclusive diagnosis of Tufted Folliculitis.
The base has an upper surface and a lower surface and the base is tufted through with a tufting material to form a number of tufts on the base upper surface and a number of tufting material loops on the base lower surface.
Ultimately, tufted polyamide materials have much more market value than needlepunched polypropylene.
Tufted broadloom, in which the United States leads the world, is made in large quantities on tufting machines.
When the same chart lists India with 4,670,000 square yards of "tufted" goods, it is referring to hand tufted or gun tufted product.
Add the fact that costs are a fraction of hand-knotted expense, and the increase in tufted rugs is no surprise.
As David Mink, rug buyer for Macy's East, noted, "What manufacturers are doing with Indian hand-tufted products has very much improved over the last few years in terms of quality and design, and I don't find that consumers are worrying as much whether a rug is tufted or knotted.
Tufted rugs are growing at retail, particularly in mass market channels, according to major producers.
Tufted rugs are getting more space in major retail stores, judging by a recent shopping trip to Wal-Mart, Kmart, Home Depot and Lowe's units in Dalton, Ga.
When the first Indian-made tufted rugs appeared several years ago, most of the designs were adapted from traditional Persian patterns.
In addtion to supplying Cecil Saydah with rugs, Matrix will continue to produce tufted rugs for OEM customers.